TNR202: 79 Percent More Cuss Words

79 Percent More Cuss Words

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The Nightly Rant Episode 202 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss The Zoo Media Network and people who have no clue about anything.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 200 Show Notes

Mike talks about The Nightly Rant Uncensored on The Zoo Media Network.

They discuss an episode of The Nightly Rant Uncensored and their F, Marry, Kill episode.

Torya launches the team into a rant about their recent trip to a City Council meeting and how rude the people there were.

They discuss how Torya likes her personal space and how she hates hugs in public.

This leads to a detailed discussion about the woman who kept leaning across Torya's lap during the meeting.

Mike points out that 98.4% of the time when there is an explicit tag on this show, it is the fault of Torya's mouth. Torya actually agrees.

Mike rants about the inconsistency of society. He mentions how a past POTUS did something and now that the new POTUS does the same thing, people object.

Mike rants about how teammates support cheating and they should not.

Siding with one side all the time means you are going to be wrong a large percentage of the time.

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