LR22: John Daly Shows Us How to Get Our News Right

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Liberty Revealed Episode 22 Show Summary

Mike is joined by John Daly, author of The TV Studio in Your Hand.

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Liberty Revealed Episode 22 Show Notes

Mike introduces the topic of Media Bias.

Mike introduces John Daly, today\'s guest.

John speaks about fake news. He says it is a worn out term.

John points out that not only the media is biased–everyone is biased.

John says the best way to get more informed is to set up a Twitter news account.

Mike discusses the fact that the best way to solve a problem is to know all the different sides.

John talks about what happened when he did a commercial for a book on the Trump tax cuts.

John says listening is the key to everything.

Mike explains why he agrees with John.

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What is personal liberty?

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