PTO03: The California Governor\’s Race

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Episode Summary

In this episode the guys talk about the top candidates running for Governor of California in the upcoming primary.

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The California Governor\'s Race

Peeling the Orange has returned after a long hiatus. In this episode they discuss the California Governor\'s race.

Mike talks about the many uninformed citizens who attack the messenger and not the message. Collin points out how one guy is an owner of a local business and spouts off with extremely negative comments.

Mike says that on June 5, California has a primary and it is a Top 2 Jungle Primary. He explains what that means and asks Collin what he thinks of this approach.

Collin says the Democrats passed that law to stack the odds in their favor each year. Mike points out that 54% of Californians are registered Democrats, 24% are registered Republicans and that means 22% are other. He finds it amazing that the other is so close to the total Republican registration in the state.

The first candidate discussed are the two Libertarian candidates, Zoltan Istvan and Nicholas Wildstar. Mike points out that the Libertarian Party endorsed both candidates and says it seems like a bad move to split the Libertarian vote in that manner.

Collin says the Libertarian Party in California is a complete joke.  They are not fighting to win the California Governor\'s race. Mike discusses how he ran as a Libertarian candidate and got no support at all.

Top Polling Candidates in the California Governor\'s Race

Travis Allen–strong conservative, supports Trump, wants to end the sanctuary state law and repeal the gas tax. Collin likes him for that very reason. He is native Californian, so he understands the issues that face the state and how we\'ve gotten here. Allen is the Republican polling the strongest. Collin points out that polls are meaningless.

John Chiang–former State Controller and current State Treasurer. He is another local guy from Torrance. He has worked for Grey Davis and Barbara Boxer. He worked his way up the poltical ranks. Mike says he seems like he doesn\'t have much substance. Collin points out he refused to listen to the Governor and furlough state employees. Collin says that is a bad sign.

John Cox–a Republican who has been making a surge in the California Governor\'s race by pointing out the marital infidelities of the two front-runner Democrats. He has been self-financing his campaign. He didn\'t vote for Trump, but he supports Trump 100%. Collin hopes Cox wins. He was endorsed by Trump and that is huge. Cox is a businessman and knows how to get things done.

Collin believes the younger generation will be voting for younger candidates.

Gavin Newsom–current Lieutenant Governor, former Mayor of San Francisco. Currently the front-runner in the California Governor\'s race. Collin is frustrated that Newsom spent more time worrying about what is happening on a National level and not worrying about the state. Both guys don\'t like Newsom at all.

Antonio Villaraigosa–former Mayor of Los Angeles who did nothing for the city at all. He loves to spend money.

\”Let\'s talk about the guy who banged the newscaster\” — Collin Alexander

Mike points out how Villaraigosa is a combination of his name and his wife\'s name. Collin says he is a joke. He did nothing for LA.  He believes he can spend whatever he wants because he can always raise the taxes. Mike says Villaraigosa would be the worst possible choice of all the choices.

Peeling the Orange Picks for the California Governor\'s Race

Travis Allen or John Cox

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