TNR131: Being a Foster to Dogs

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The Nightly Rant Episode 131 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss fostering dogs and how rewarding it has been for them. They also discuss how people are approaching political fundraising.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 131 Show Notes

This episode begins with Torya literally chilling–getting cooler because it has been super hot.

Mike discusses how lucky they are to be foster parents. He says that it is perfect for them because they don't have room for more animals full-time. This leads to a discussion of the foster puppy they had, Piper.

Mike compares Odie to when he got Yogi. Yogi had no transition–he was bonded to Mike immediately. Odie was bonded to Mitchell, but Mitchell had to leave. This forced Odie to make a new human selection.

Torya says that Odie is getting comfortable and starting to show his less favorable habits. Mike points out he's been saying the same thing in a nicer way.

Mike says he sees two ways a new dog can enter the home. (1) They fight for everything; or (2) They can be timid and slowly warm up to things. Mike prefers the second way and says this is how Odie has entered the house.

Torya explains the situation with the credit card scammer. She explains the entire story.

Mike takes a moment (as usual) to get political. He rants about the outlawing of plastic straws in California. He discusses ways they are learning to raise money at the grassroots level. He explains the approach.

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