TNR141: Yogi’s Neuroses

Yogi's Neuroses

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The Nightly Rant Episode 141 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss how neurotic Yogi is and they tell everyone all about it.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 141 Show Notes

The show opens discussing Odie's meet and greet that ended with the woman not wanting him. This leads Mike to ask about Yogi's neurotic behavior.

Torya's favorite neurotic thing Yogi does is the happy sounds he makes. She doesn't really like that he rage poos or that he headbutts his food bowl.

Mike agrees with those, but he also says that another thing that drives him crazy is how Yogi will roll on his back when you say his name or how he hides if he feels you've raised your voice.

Yogi holds a grudge. He will get mad at you and poo on the floor.

Torya says that it drives her crazy how he treats his bed.

Torya mentions that when Yogi is off the leash he will walk anywhere and not be afraid, but if he is on the leash he is scared and hugs the wall. He even treats people differently based on the location where he encounters them.

Mike describes their first meeting with Yogi at the pound. He hasn't changed much. He scratched at the cage at the pound and he scratches at his crate. He has also always not liked Mitchell. Mike says Yogi is extremely consistent. You can count on him to act the same way. Torya says she thinks it is cute that they've taught Yogi to howl. He does it on demand.

Mike brings up their super busy weekend. They have a soccer tournament and then a Dodger game. The entire weekend is booked solid.

Mike hints at the possibility of a Dad jokes episode.

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