TNR150: Odie is Ready to Be Adopted!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 150 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the changes in Odie and how ready he is to be adopted.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 150 Show Notes

Mike opens the show talking about Parker\'s visit to the vet. He and Torya agree that they hate health issues with family members. Parker had a blood and urine test and they will find out the results tomorrow. 

Mike talks about how Google is not your friend in these situations. You begin thinking everything is what they have and scaring yourself. He asks why they weren\'t told to force feed Parker and Torya gives a great explanation.

Mike discusses how Odie has started to accept him. He also mentions how much slimmer Odie is and how much more mobile he has become since losing the weight. This dog is a completely different animal lately, so they have given him more freedom in the house. It has worked out tremendously. 

Torya explains the reason they used to need to crate Odie. She describes his first few days in their home and how he acted. Mike says that Alyssa is trying very hard not to become attached to Odie because she\'s finally realized they are serious and he is going to be adopted at some point. They are not keeping him. Mike says the adoption needs to happen soon because it will be too hard on the dog if it doesn\'t.

The discussion moves on to the Zoo and a brief update on them.

They move the discussion to Mitchell\'s Spanish class project. He has been assigned to create a bag that contains photos about his hobbies and the things he likes. It is supposed to show things about him.

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