TNR151: Steroid Ridden Squirrels Hurling Acorns

Steroid Ridden Squirrels Hurling Acorns

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The Nightly Rant Episode 151 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya Odie's upcoming adoption, Mitchell's cross-country meet and subsequent injury and Torya's tenant.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 151 Show Notes

The show opens with Mike and Torya discussing Odie's upcoming adoption. They are both excited and sad. They are excited for Odie but will be sad to see the sweet little guy go.

Torya says that Yogi might start liking her again. She then describes what happened when they rescued a bunch of kittens.

The discussion moves to the cross-country meet this weekend. They discuss Alyssa's involvement in her friend's “court.” She couldn't go to the meet, but Mitchell was extremely excited. Mike describes how the race happened. They couldn't find Mitchell, so Mike was worried about him. It turns out that Mitchell sprained his ankle 3 minutes into the race. Mitchell is now attempting to heal up.

They then discuss how kids always want to try out crutches with no idea of how bad they really are. 

Mike transitions to a discussion about the online grade-tracking system the school uses. He discusses some of the downfalls of that system. 

Torya mentions the Best of TNR episode called “Patrick From Newport Beach” and wants to describe a similar situation. Apparently, a renter from one of the properties Torya manages has complained that the trees are dropping acorns on her car. The tenant was told to park elsewhere, but she stayed where she was. The next day she complained the acorns had dented her brand new car. They discuss whether or not the car is actually new.

This tenant made the claim that the acorns broke her windshield just by dropping from the tree. Mike says that he has read some of the people who do AirBNB use this to scam landlords. 

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