TNR190: Election Night

Election Night

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The Nightly Rant Episode 190 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss election night coverage.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 190 Show Notes

Mike starts out saying that he sees turbulent water on both sides, but no wave of any color. He had hoped one side or the other would win convincingly so they would have some sort of a mandate.

Torya says that most of the races are 50/50. She says Mike's usual theory that the initial votes are usually correct, might be wrong this time.

Mike is very disappointed with the results of the Cypress School District ballot measure. He felt the opposition used nothing but conjecture to convince voters and it seems to have worked. 

Torya points out how people like to place blame and how wrong it is to place blame. This leads Mike to point out how personal attacks were used against the proponent of the ballot measure (him) rather than discussing the merits of the measure.

Mike points out that both sides have facts that support their side of the issue. He says the facts alone should determine the outcome.

Mike states that people are changing the definitions of things midstream.

They next discuss straight ticket votes.

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