TNR215: The Homeless Town Hall Meeting

TNR215-Homeless Town Hall Meeting

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The Nightly Rant Episode 215 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss the homeless town hall meeting they recently attended.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 215 Show Notes

  • Torya opens the show annoyed.
  • Mike says Torya is annoyed by everything
  • Mike mentions they just came from a homeless town hall meeting
  • Torya complains the moderator didn't moderate
  • Mike says people are ruled by fear.
  • Shelters don't drop home values
  • Torya says that if she is looking to buy a home and sees a bunch of homeless wandering the street, she won't buy. On the other hand, if she knows there is a shelter nearby and there are no homeless on the streets, she will buy.
  • Mike points out how ingenious Judge Carter was with his plans.
  • Mike points out that anomalies exist, so just dismiss those when having a disagreement and you automatically become closer together.
  • If 40% don't want help, 60% do want help, so let's focus on the 60%
  • Mike rants that most of the people just want the homeless banished to a concentration camp somewhere.
  • Torya rants that people complain the nearby cities should be doing their part and then they say we should send our homeless to other cities. – Dr. Oyola\'s website

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