TNR66:Pizza ratings from The Nightly Rant perspective

TNR66-Pizza ratings from The Nightly Rant perspective

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The Nightly Rant Episode 66 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss their ratings of the various pizza places they\'ve tried together. They then explain these ratings and discuss what makes a pizza good in their perspective.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 66 Show Notes

The show opens with Mike and Torya both rating their respective days a solid B+. Torya attempts to convince Mike that his day should be higher because he ate pizza. This develops into a discussion about the best pizza places in the area that Mike and Torya have both eaten. The ratings are in the table below.

Pizza PlaceTorya\'s RatingMike\'s Rating
 Pizza Hut87
 Pizza Studio88
 Papa Pilos74

This leads to a discussion about why these ratings are what they are. A detailed discussion about pizza ensues. Torya loves chicken on her pizza.

Mike explains that the cheese is what makes a pizza great to him. Torya believes only Ameci\'s and Blaze use real cheese. Ameci\'s pizza is so good that it doesn\'t require extra cheese.

Torya\'s rating of Valuetina\'s is based upon their lack of selection. Their menu is quite small. She feels Pizza Studio doesn\'t cook their pizza well enough.

Mike explains why he is not as into hot dogs as he used to be. He is very tempted by places that have \”special\” hot dogs, but he is constantly disappointed in the food.

Mike fills Torya in on the Baconmania truck.

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